Operations Chef

  • Salary: £40K + Commission
  • Location: Birmingham, Birmingham
  • Start date: ASASP
  • Job Sector:
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Job Ref: KG6498730

Job Spec:

Operations Chef – Busy Vibrant Restaurant brand

Needs to be able to travel between Birmingham, Solihull and Bristol

Roles and responsibilities

Menu Development and Planning:
Help work on improving and new additional menu items reaching a broader target audience
Develop and refine recipes to maintain consistent quality and taste in all dishes.
Consider seasonality, dietary restrictions, and food trends when designing menus.
Monitor food costs and profitability while setting menu prices.
Kitchen Management:
Oversee and manage all aspects of the kitchen, including staff, equipment, and ingredients.
Recruiting, hiring, training, and supervising kitchen staff, such as sous chefs, line cooks, and kitchen assistants.
Create work schedules and ensure efficient staffing levels to meet operational needs.
Foster a positive and collaborative work environment within the kitchen team.
Maintain inventory levels, order supplies, and control costs to optimise food and labour expenses.
Food Preparation and Quality Control:
To ensure all dishes are prepared to the highest taste, presentation, and safety standards.
Implement and enforce strict food safety and sanitation protocols to prevent any illnesses.
Maintain consistent quality and portion control in all dishes served.
Conduct regular taste tests and inspections to uphold food standards.
Leadership and Supervision:
Lead by example, demonstrating solid culinary skills and professionalism.
Provide guidance, coaching, and feedback to kitchen staff to help them improve their skills.
Set expectations for performance and conduct regular evaluations.
Handle personnel issues, such as conflicts and discipline, when necessary.
Workflow and Kitchen Organization:
Organize the kitchen’s daily operations to ensure efficient workflow, timely preparation, and customer delivery.
Coordinate with other departments, such as front-of-house staff, to ensure smooth service.
Manage kitchen equipment maintenance and repair, ensuring all tools are in good working order.
Keep store overall ordering costs under 23% by working closely with GM’s
Monitor and minimise food waste through careful planning and portion control.
Customer Interaction and Satisfaction:
Interact with customers, gather feedback, and adjust the menu or dishes based on customer preferences and comments.
Address customer complaints or concerns regarding food quality or preparation.
Plan with restaurant management to create a memorable dining experience for customers.
Online reviews should stay above 4.5 on all platforms: google, Trip Advisor, etc.
Stress Management:
Work effectively under pressure, especially during peak dining hours.
Make quick decisions and prioritise tasks to ensure a smooth kitchen operation.

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